West of the Isa

Long abandoned farm buildings stand mute testament to the harsh conditions of farming on the plains outside Mt Isa.   Blue saltbush dot the landscape among the white clay pans and red dirt, screaming out for water.   Like most the Australia, rain will transform this country into lush plains virtually overnight – however it seldom falls on the dusty interior.   Truly one of my favorite parts of Australia.


100 x 90cm                     $4,000.00


Watercourse on the Red Soil Plains



A watercourse running from the distant hills dissects the red land inland from Innamincka.  These watercourses seldom flow (only following occasional rains) but can turn into raging torrents with heavy rains in the hills.   They can in fact become hundreds of Km’s wide in flood, sweeping all before it.   River gums denoting a flood plain are scattered throughout the vista.   The river red gums require inundation by flood water on a regular basis to survive.

120 x 180cm                         $7,500.00


Little House at McQueens

This old homestead stands on McQueens Station in central Victoria.   It was painted in the summer of 2008 when drought was on the land.   The outbuildings are still used for storage of farm machinery.   However, the homestead is derelict and long since abandoned, but still stands as a mute testimony of the determination of our early pioneers in their efforts to settle this harsh but beautiful land.


150 x 150cm                         $5,000.00


Hillside on Mungo

A big red sand dune rears skyward along the Arumpa Road heading north towards Mungo National Park off the Silver City Highway towards Broken Hill.   The dune is sparsely dotted with mallee mulga and saltbush.   The water in the waterhole is by use of artistic license as it would normally be bone dry.   Animal tracks crisscross the dune – maybe kangaroo, wombat, echidna or emu – a truly wonderful part of Australia.


150 x 150cm                   $6,000.00


Dunes at Lake Mungo

Painted at midday in the searing heat on a property heading north to Mungo.   Obviously drought is on the land with scarcely a blade of grass for the starving stock foraging in the mid ground.   However, a rain storm can transform this country into lush grasslands in a flash.   The old homestead, outbuilding and windmill, still stand proudly under the big blue Australian sky.   A lone wedge tail surveys the land in search of a meal.

120 x 120cm                         $5,000.00


Clay Cliffs Along the Murray

This painting depicts the clay and stone cliffs downstream from Euston in the Victorian Mallee on a Murray River Billabong.   Mallee scrub lines the rock strewn bank.   (The scrub timber and rocks were the building material used by the early pioneers with many of these building still standing today).   Billabongs seldom flow (except when the river floods) hence the water is usually brown and blackish.   A big Australian sky floats over this tranquil scene.  Billabongs are a haven for fish, yabblies and water birds, including the Australian pelican.

River clay is of many hues and was used by the original Australians in their beautiful bark paintings.

120 x 180cm                                      $8,500.00



Cattle Track

Crisscrossing the Western Desert (New South Wales) are cattle tracks carved by the many mobs of half wild cattle mustered by Aboriginal stockmen over many, many years.   Stunted mulga dots the landscape and lines the cattle tracks.   This is a hard but beautiful land only populated by the toughest of people.   Floating clouds and distant blue hills suggest that rain may shortly fall on the plains transforming it into a lush living desert alive with grass, wildflowers and fauna (kangaroos, emus, dingoes, wombats, etc).


100 x 150cm                            $6,500.00


Bringing the Cattle Over


This painting depicts a stockman on Victoria River Downs Station bringing a small herd of cattle into a water hole.  These stockmen are great horsemen who work in the harshest conditions.  The land is usually in drought, dusty and hotter than hell. Only the toughest can survive in this land, including the stock. The horse is an Australian stock horse regarded as one of the finest horses known and is prized above all others by these hardy men.

100 x 120cm                         $6,500.00